Does a Child in Your Care Need Help?

  • By age 1, does not play games such as peek-a-boo or wave bye-bye
  • By age 2, does not point to or name objects or people to express wants or needs
  • By age 3, cannot follow simple directions or does not play with others
  • By age 4, does not answer simple questions such as “What color is this?” or “What do you like to eat?”
  • By age 5, has trouble expressing his/her needs using typical words or motion
  • Has trouble adapting to changes in routine
  • Does not look where sounds or voices are coming from or react to loud noises
  • Avoids or rarely makes eye contact with others
  • Acts aggressively on a regular basis; hurts self or others
  • Has been expelled from other programs or is close to being expelled from your program

The sooner a concern is identified, the sooner the child can get support. If you have concerns about a child’s development, we can help.

The Inclusion Program is available to support child care providers who need assistance with children who are having difficulties in child care. For more information or to request a poster for your child care program, contact Ange Burnett, Inclusion Program Coordinator, (925) 676-5442 ext. 3113 or by e-mail.

“The Inclusion Facilitator is a godsend. She was patient, compassionate, and encouraging. Not only did she help us all immensely, she restored our hope. She gave us referrals to books, support groups, recommendations for further testing and evaluations, explanations for our son’s behavior, and games and exercises to do with my son to help his progress and development.” – Parent

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Learn the Signs. Act Early. website provides information about childhood developmental milestones and delays. You’ll be able to track the developmental milestones a child should be reaching, see how milestones change as a child grows, and download fact sheets on developmental milestones for children from 3 months to 5 years, along with information on developmental screening and developmental disabilities.

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