When Your Child Demands Attention, is Jealous, or Won’t Share

When your child:
It may mean your child:
Is tired, not feeling well or hungry.Feels replaced by a new person in the family—baby, stepparent or live-in adult.Is too young (under 3 years of age).
Feels left out, insecure or unloved.Has been unfairly compared to other children.Needs experience in owning/sharing.
Has been given unfair treatment.
So do not:
Ignore or isolate your child.Shame your child.Snatch from your child.
Shame, scold or punish your child.Ignore your child.Scold your child.
Tell your child you do not like him or her.
You might try:
Showing more interest in your child.Giving warmth, love and understanding.Being sure your child has things that are just his or hers— allowing children to experience ownership.
Praising your child for effort and success.Discussing feelings one-to-one.Having enough materials for each of your children.
Sharing yourself with your child.Observing how your child copes with jealousy.
Promoting good feelings about who your child is and what he or she can do.

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