About Our Name Change

What does the new name mean?

CocoKids is our abbreviation for Contra Costa Children. Creatively blended together to create one word. For years, this has been our unofficial nickname and has also been in use by our supporting organization. As we went through our naming exercise we realized the name CocoKids was the best choice. CocoKids represents our commitment toward making our community the best place for children.

What does the tagline “Childhood Champions” mean?

We believe that everyone needs someone on their side. That someone should be ready to “go to bat” and be “in their corner” to defend, support and fight for them. Everyone should have a Champion. We want to be that Champion for children during one of the most rewarding and sometimes difficult points in their lives. We believe a safe, healthy, and educated childhood should be a right for all children and worth standing up for as a Champion.

Why are you changing your name?

After 40 years, we decided it was time to reexamine our name and brand awareness. One of the driving factors was a confusion by the public with the Contra Costa County Department of Health and Human Services. Often, parents would assume we had access to their information on file with the County. We also felt that our old name was too long and not always welcoming, at times sounding too institutional. During our naming exercise, we decided our previous name did not match the personality of our organization.

What is CocoKids personality?

CocoKids personality is imbedded in our values. We are committed to teamwork and a healthy work/life balance. We believe children are entitled to be safe, healthy, nurtured and educated to reach their greatest potential. Above all, we respect every child’s family and culture and promise that our community can depend on us to provide our collective expertise to support parents and child care professionals.

When does the new name go into effect?

Officially, we became CocoKids in February of 2017. We have completed all the necessary legal paper work and are now IRS certified. We officially roll out the name June 2017. The public will see new signs, stationery, business cards, and a website. Staff will begin answering their phones “Thank you for calling CocoKids, how can I help you?”

What was the naming process?

The naming process took longer than we expected. The Board of Directors elected to make it part of the 2013 Strategic Plan to “explore” the idea of a name change. This means we also wanted to measure the strength and recognition of the current name. In 2015, we put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to media consultants who had experience helping companies strengthen their brand. We received some proposals, and then were fortunate to network and discover a company that specialized in nonprofit branding. KenCreative was hired and we began a process which included staff surveys, communication reviews, market reviews and, of course, availability of web domains. We looked at hundreds of names and narrowed it down to a few finalists. Several staff tested the name with stakeholders and that information helped us settle on our final name. CocoKids proved to be the right name for our organization at this moment in our history.

Are you merging with another organization?

Our name is changing but our nonprofit 501c3 status will remain the same. We are not merging with another organization, but if a future opportunity arises that will result in expanded services for the community, we will explore it.

Does this mean your mission is changing too?

We have updated the wording to our mission statement, “To champion and advance quality child care and early education”. We will continue to focus on services for families and child care providers. Future programs will be child centered and address the needs of the community.

What does the new logo represent?

Our logo represents the diversity of our community, the importance of family and the support our organization commits to the community. The child is in the center, just as our services are focused on providing every child the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential.

Are you expanding or changing services?

Resource and Referral, Child Care Subsidies, Child Health & Nutrition, and Provider Training will remain at the core of our services. Expanded services will be child and family focused and quality driven to meet community needs.

Will child care providers need to make any changes at their bank?

All the bank changes will be made on our end. Providers will only notice a deposit or check from CocoKids instead of the Contra Costa Child Care Council.

What is your relationship with Contra Costa County?

We have often been confused as an extension of the county offices. We work in collaboration with the County to ensure families receive the help that they need. We provide services under multiple contracts with the state of California Department of Education, the Federal Department of Agriculture, First 5 Contra Costa, and Contra Costa County. We remain an independent nonprofit and we work hard to serve our community.

Will all your services remain in Contra Costa?

Contra Costa County is our home and primary service area. We are often asked to consult or participate in initiatives that are outside of the county, state-wide and occasionally on a national level. We plan to continue to serve Contra Costa County and will be open to opportunities that are within our mission.

Will this affect how families get referrals?

Nothing will change with our ability to provide child care referrals to families. Parents can request an appointment, drop by the office, or go online for assistance to find a child care provider.

Who do I contact for services and questions?

You can go to our website and click on the Contact Us button. You will see phone numbers for our Antioch, Concord, and Richmond offices. Or you can send an email and it will be forwarded to the most appropriate person.

Will CocoKids host the annual Early Learning conference for child care providers, parents, and early educators?

Yes, we plan to continue our very successful annual conference and hope to increase the number of workshops and the number of participants in the future.

Will there be a change in management or governance?

We constantly look for ways to improve our effectiveness and are considering a realignment of our management structure. Our dedicated staff will continue to provide their expertise in a manner that will help us meet the needs of our community. Our Board of Directors are also looking for new members to replace those leaving due to term limits. We are looking for dedicated individuals who believe in our mission and understand that our future depends on what we invest in children.

How will I find you online?

Our web address will remain the same www.CocoKids.org. On our site, you will find a new look that is friendly to mobile devices. On this site, you can get the information you need to learn about quality child care, connect with staff, or find information on how to open a child care facility. Most importantly, parents can receive referrals for child care providers.

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