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Wood Rose Academy & Preschool is a private school in the Catholic tradition located in Concord (California). Founded in 1995 by a group of parents and educators, Wood Rose Academy began its first school year in September 1996 with two rented classrooms and twenty students.

In 2006, Wood Rose purchased its present site and has grown to over one hundred elementary and middle school students.

In 2011, Wood Rose Preschool was founded.

In 2016 Wood Rose Academy signed an agreement with the Fundación Arenales to keep improving the educational project.

Wood Rose Academy is a school that wants to provide their pupils and students with academic high-level training and at the same time, a human formation based on the fundamental principles of the Christian faith. To carry out this project, it has a team of highly qualified professionals for the job and deeply identified with the ideology of the center.

Wood Rose Academy is committed to integrating parents with an active role in this task, aware of the importance of finding the best possible synergies between the training effort of the family and the school.

It offers students a comprehensive education and families effective advice, so that everything possible is provided that each can acquire a high personal preparation that allows parents to build students' futures freely and according to their aspirations.

It provides a climate of intense work and high personal requirement, while providing references and clear standards of behavior, as well as critical and personal responsibility capacity.

It has learning tools and more advanced communication, because language learning and mastering technologies constitute basic elements of the educational project, as well as excellent facilities in an environment in daily contact with nature.

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