Dictionary for Early Learning

Parents of young children enrolled in your programs need to hear what you are doing to help children become ready for kindergarten. From the youngest age, when you sing to babies and rock them to sleep, you are getting them ready for school.

When you make rhymes or teach children to put on their jacket, you are getting them ready for school. When you ask them to pick up their toys or give you a hug, you are getting them ready for school.

Child development experts and child care providers often use different words to describe early learning activities, but they are saying the same thing. Child care providers can help parents understand the benefits of the early learning activities by using expert terminology more often.

Providers Say:Experts Say:
Love themSecure attachment
Let them playDevelopmentally appropriate curriculum
SingingLanguage development
ColoringEarly reading skills
ButtonsSensory integration
Setting the tableCategorizing
Finding sticksEarly math concepts
Building blocksSpatial relationships
Go with the flowEmergent curriculum
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