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* Top Workplace
* Kate “Woman of the Year”
* Ange Wins Award
* Be Snack-Wise
* Covered California Healthcare Exchange
* Carla Medina Scholarship…
* We Give! Community Giving Day, September 18th and 19th
* New Website Coming Soon…

Child Care Council “Top   Workplace in Bay Area”

Our nonprofit   organization has been named to the Bay Area News Top Workplaces list. The Bay   Area News Group that publishes the Contra Costa Times features highlights   about the Contra Costa Child Care Council and how it achieved this recognition. Read about us  and our work on behalf of children and families.

Council Executive Director Named   Woman of the Year…

Kate Ertz-Berger,   executive director of the Child Care Council, is being recognized as the 14th   Assembly District Woman of the Year. Assembly member Susan Bonilla and many   community members are celebrating Kate and her tremendous impact leading the   Council over the past 28 years. Kate has also announced her retirement at the   end of the year. Read her comments and learn more.

Ange Wins Award…

Kudos to CoCoKids’ Ange Burnett, who leads the Inclusion Project that works with children with special needs, for being recognized with a Service Award from the Developmental Disabilities Council. We too are proud of her many years of dedication and her recent work successfully designing an adaptive reading program for the national Raising a Reader organization. Congratulations, Ange!

Be Snack-Wise…

Children receive about 25%of their daily food intake from snacks. Parents and care givers can make snacks healthy by simply combining two or more foods from the basic food groups to form a “mini meal”. Stick with the basics and avoid salty, sugary, highly processed “snack” foods and drinks. Plan sit-down snack times so that children are hungry, but not too hungry. The following ideas are sorted by food groups and represent wise snack choices.

Snacks from the Grain Group

Cracker stacks ~ whole wheat crackers with cheese or peanut butter
Ready to eat whole grain cereal
Breads of all kinds, multi-grain, rye, whole wheat
Corn tortillas or whole wheat pita breads
Trail mix ~ ready to eat cereals mixed with pretzels, raisins and nuts
Hot oatmeal

Snacks from the Vegetable Group

Raw or lightly steamed veggie sticks with dip
Celery stuffed with peanut butter
Cherry tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese
A potato cooked in the microwave and topped with grated cheese
Frozen green peas

Snacks from the Fruit Group

Apple ring sandwiches…peanut butter spread on apple rings
Tangerine or orange sections
Canned fruit packed in juice
Dried fruits
A frozen banana on a stick
Fresh mixed fruit salad

Snacks from the Milk Group

Smoothies made from milk and frozen fruit
Milk poured over low sugar cereal
Milk served with graham crackers for dipping

Snacks from the Protein Group

Wedges of hard cooked eggs or deviled eggs
Peanut butter on crackers
Bean dip such as hummus with crackers or veggies
Cheese slices on thin apple wedges
String cheese or cheese sticks
Cottage cheese with fruit
Toasted almonds, sunflower or pumpkin seeds
Tuna or chicken salad on crackers

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