Getting Ready for School Begins at Birth

What she or he needs to know through your everyday activities with her or him and when you make learning fun:

Language and Literacy

  • Share books. A love of books – even if young children just chew on them! – leads to love of learning.
  • Talk together. Talking builds language. The more you talk, the more they will learn.

Thinking Skills

  • Make everyday routines “teachable” moments. Count napkins as you set the table; talk about colors as you take a walk.
  • Encourage pretend play. Imagination helps develop ideas and builds thinking skills.


  • Teach acceptable behavior. Show them what they can do.
  • Give reasonable opportunities to make choices. Making choices helps children feel in control.


  • Give your child responsibilities. Even small jobs build confidence.
  • Provide challenges. Give the support needed to solve a problem but don’t solve it for them.
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