Homemade Equipment

If your resolution for the New Year is to get the kids up and moving at regular intervals, try some of these homemade props to make your physical activity sessions fun and creative. You might start by making polyspots out of colored foam to help the children identify their personal space and increase safety awareness, while practicing locomotor skills, identifying colors and shapes and learning to follow directions.

Puffballs Sponges Cut into strips, gather 10-12 strips, use zip ties to secure.
Yarnballs Yarn Wrap yarn 200 times around a piece of cardboard, remove and secure with a zip tie or string, cut ends. Use for games that require lightweight balls.
Wands Ribbons Secure ribbons or party streamers to 12-inch dowel with a staple. Make one for each hand if possible and dance to music.
Wings Scarves Cut from remnants of cloth in a variety of colors and lengths. Great for dramatic dance.
Scoops Gallon Jugs Cut off bottoms, cover end with electrical tape. Play with tennis, koosh or other small balls.
Paper Balls Newspaper Squish into ball shape and secure with tape. Practice tossing, catching and throwing under, over or into something.
Shakers Film Containers Fill with small beans or pasta, secure top. Shake like maracas to music.
Design Maker Old Paint Brushes Using old paintbrushes and some water, paint shapes on sidewalks or decks to make a path to jump over, in or around.
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