Kindergarten Readiness Skills

The following list presents basic skills and concepts that will help your child be ready for school. Children develop at different rates and your child may not acquire every skill before entering kindergarten.

  • Knows first and last name and their age.
  • Knows the letters of the alphabet.
  • Knows some rhymes, poems and songs.
  • Identifies objects in picture books.
  • Prints their own name.
  • Counts to 10.
  • Knows size and directions, for example, big and little, up and down.
  • Hops, jumps and skips.
  • Completes simple puzzles.
  • Throws and catches a ball.
  • Draws and colors beyond scribbling.
  • Tries to cut with scissors.
  • Recognizes and names colors and shapes.
  • Names body parts.
  • Dresses self.
  • Speaks clearly and uses sentences.

More Beginning Kindergarten Skills

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