Learning Institute Directory

Margaret Wiegert Jacobs – Department Director

Email : [email protected]
Direct Line : (925) 265-6456

Kimberly Nguyen, M.A. Ed. – Quality Improvement Manager

Email : [email protected]
Direct Line : (925) 265-6454 Ext: 3108
Habla Espanol

  • Management and supervision of the Quality Improvement Team
  • Liaison for assigned grants and programs
  • Support, TA and trainings on curriculum, lesson planning, behavior and equitable classroom practices


Maria Cruz – Child Care Business Coordinator

Email : [email protected]
Direct Line : (925) 730-9099 Ext: 3212
Habla Espanol

  • Marketing strategies to increase child care business
  • Support with fundamentals of business practices
  • Guidance with policies, and procedures
  • Support the expansion from small to large license
  • TA to programs on loans, grants, etc
  • Business coaching to increase business sustainability
  • Trauma Informed Trainer

Alexis Ford – Child Care Workforce Development Coordinator

Email : [email protected]
Direct Line : (925) 440-9005 Ext: 1410

  • QM – Recruiting, guidance, and coaching of Quality Matter Programs (First Year, QIS)
  • FCC Partners Leadership Program Coach
  • CCIP Program -Works with the R&R Network to build up available care for infants and toddlers through the California Childcare Initiative Project
  • Support the expansion from small to large license
  • Training Opportunities-Collaborates with trainers, professors, and presenters to bring innovational trainings and workshops to CocoKids
  • Business coaching to increase business sustainability
  • Health and Safety Trainer

Megan Miccio, M.A. – Warm Line Inclusion Specialist

Email : [email protected]
Direct Line : (925) 595-0886 Ext: 3303

  • If educators or families have questions about:
  • Child development, disabilities, red flags, behavior challenges, talking with families when concerns arise, etc.
  • Developmental milestones
  • Seeking out developmental assessments (medical, school district, Regional Center, etc.)
  • Strategies to support children of all abilities at home and in educational settings
  • Developmental and community resources (all ages)

Joanne Funtila – Resource & Referral Inclusion Specialist

Email : [email protected]
Direct Line : (925) 765-2042 Ext: 3316

  • Provide child care referrals and/or community resources for families with children with special needs
  • Provide parents with tools in looking for child care that is a potential fit for their child and families’ needs
  • Support programs in welcoming children of all abilities

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