Marketing Tips from Parents to Providers

These tips come from parent surveys and a recent workshop where parents shared their thoughts.

Parents are looking for someone they can trust. They say finding child care is difficult, especially when it is their first time. It is also hard for them to leave their child to go back to work.

Call parents back. The most common complaint from parents is, “Providers do not return our calls.” Make sure your message is professional. When on the phone, greet parents with a smile and in a voice that says, “I can’t wait to meet you and your child.”

Provide a cheerful, kid-friendly environment. Parents also look for a warm, nurturing adult, age-appropriate activities, a structured routine and flexible hours and days.

Parents read your provider statement in our child care database. This is your chance to tell parents why they should choose you over anyone else.

Parents look for references. When families leave your care under good circumstances, ask for letters of recommendation and share them during your interviews.

Do your homework. If you provide transportation, know the surrounding schools. If you advertise a preschool program, learn what children need to know when they move on to kindergarten.

Parents want high quality care. Improve your skills and knowledge through professional training. The more you know the more potential your business has to grow.

Curb appeal makes a difference. A parent once by passed an appointment because she could not see the address on the mailbox, the street or the house. Pull weeds and clean up garbage. Make sure your home is clean, safe and free of any offensive odors.


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