If there were your child, what would you do to give her the best in life and to help make her dreams come true?

Dreams and Hopes... Make Them Come True
So much promise… you can help
Let’s deliver on this promise to each and every child. With your help, positive, life changing outcomes for vulnerable children are possible. Tell a friend about our nonprofit services to help a child and her family. Make a gift today to support the Child Care Council’s work so that a child can have a brighter future.

6 Reasons to Donate

Support the Child Care Council so…

  1. Parents can work
  2. Infants, toddlers and young children are cared for
  3. Children can go to preschool
  4. Children learn how to play well and get along with others
  5. Parents learn about child development and what their child needs
  6. Children are ready for success in school

A child’s early years of growth and development are critical to their future success and well-being. Let’s not waste any more time in reaching more children and making a lasting difference in their lives.

Make a one-time gift or monthly donation now.

Thank you for being a Champion for Children!

We wish you and the child in your life the best of times for this season!

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