Useful Resources in Response to COVID-19

 For the latest COVID-19 information and guidelines call or visit:

California Department of Child Care Licensing – Child Care Licensing  (916) 651-6040

Contra Costa Health Services – 1-844-729-8410 –

Message from CocoKids to Child Care Providers

Dear Provider,

There is a lot of concern in our community as news and developments continue to unfold around the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). CocoKids continues to monitor this evolving situation and is committed to keeping our child care community safe and healthy.

As a child care provider you are already taking many important steps to prevent the spread of infection in your child care setting. In response to the coronavirus we are here to support your efforts and give you information and tools to help you be prepared.

Handwashing. You already know the importance of children and adults washing their hands multiple times throughout the day. Keep this up!  You can provide alcohol-based sanitizer (containing at least 60-95% alcohol) when soap and water isn’t available, but using soap and water to wash for at least 20 seconds multiple times per day is best.

Cover a cough. Be vigilant in making sure children and adults are using proper coughing and sneezing techniques. The best practice is to sneeze into a tissue, throw it out and immediately wash your hands. Second best is to sneeze into your upper sleeve, and still wash your hands.

Stay home if you are sick.  Being diligent about excluding sick children or staff from your child care site during the current Pandemic is essential. Staying home is one of the best ways to prevent illness from spreading.  We know it may be difficult to find substitute caregivers in a program, but it’s important to make sure that employees with symptoms are staying home and not coming to work and making others sick.

Environmental cleaning. This is second nature to all childcare providers and so it is highly likely that you are doing this throughout the day. Making sure you are cleaning frequently touched surfaces is key! Door handles, drawer pulls, light switches, toys, cribs and furniture all need more disinfecting. Child care providers are most likely already a step ahead of other businesses and workplaces.

Be prepared. Lastly, preparedness and planning are important. If you don’t already have a workplace emergency plan in place, now is the time to get moving. Child Care Aware has some excellent resources to assist you,  There are many considerations for your business continuity and readiness. Talk with your parents about the potential interruption of care and remind them they need to have back up plans for sick children and back up options for childcare if, for any reason, your child care program must close.

Continue to provide a voice of calm for the children you care for and the families that rely on you. If there are any resources you need during this time please give us a call.  We are here to support you.

Let’s work together to keep children and our community safe and healthy.

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