What We Promise to Do

Over the past week a lot has changed in our country. This change demands that all of us re-examine what type of country we want to build for our children and how that can happen. At the Contra Costa Child Care Council we are having discussions regarding what the results of the election will mean for families in our community and how our organization will provide the highest level of support.

If you ask me what the future holds, the truth is I don’t know.  What I do know is how our nonprofit organization will respond as we learn about the priorities of the new administration that either support or obstruct a family’s effort to improve their quality of life.


We will continue to be an agent for positive change that puts the needs of children first.

We will support families who wish to provide a safe, caring environment where their children will thrive.

We will continue to monitor any proposed changes to child care legislation and share the information with stakeholders.

We will advocate for an equitable distribution of resources.

We will not tolerate hate or discrimination against any member of our community and support those who feel victimized.

We will continue to build a list of resources that will assist families in areas of need.

We will collaborate and build strong relationships with other family centered agencies and community groups.

We will continue to demand fairness, justice and opportunity for all.

We now have a choice, continue to allow the divide to widen and separate us or begin the healing process required to bring us all back together.  Healing will require participation.  Participation will require conversations, transparency and accountability.  We will not let fear drive our decision making. Now is the time to stand up and become engaged in a civil process that will heal and strengthen all of us as individuals and as a community.

John F. Jones

Executive Director

Contra Costa Child Care Council