Our mission is to champion and advance quality child care and early education.

Child Care Fund

CocoKids’ Child Care Fund helps low income families with financial assistance for child care and preschool costs. It is a voluntary program, which offers eligible families the ability to choose a child care provider and receive reimbursement for child care and development services. This program gives parents the opportunity to choose a child care provider who best meets the needs of their family and to monitor the quality of care provided. Children can move from one child care program to another and still receive financial assistance as long as the family continues to meet the eligibility and service need requirements.

The Child Care Fund Program operates in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations, and advocates for high quality child care placements for all children. Staff speaks a number of diverse languages and offers culturally competent services to the families of ContraCostaCounty. Staff also receives ongoing training on case management and confidentiality as well as training on early indicators of program misrepresentation and is directed to contact their supervisors if they have concerns.  CocoKids is committed to open and timely communication. It is our policy to treat all families and child care providers fairly and respectfully.

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