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For Release: February 18, 2021
Contact: CCHS Media Line, 925-608-5463


Contra Costa Extends COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility to Essential Workers

Teachers, grocery workers and other frontline essential workers who live in Contra Costa County can now sign up to receive safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine at no cost to them.

Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) today updated its eligibility policy for COVID-19 vaccine to extend vaccination eligibility to residents who work in the education and childcare sector, food and agriculture workers, and emergency services workers as defined by Phase 1B of California’s vaccination plan.

“We are committed to protecting all of our educators by ensuring they can access the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Diane Burgis, chair of the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors. “It is critical that we prioritize the health and well being of all the essential workers who have cared for us and our families throughout the pandemic.”

Residents in these groups, as well as county residents who are 65 years and older who have not yet been vaccinated, can sign up to access state and federal sites through MyTurn ( or by calling 1-833-422-4255.

Essential workers and residents 65 years and older can also request immunization appointments through CCHS and join the county waiting list for COVID-19 vaccine. However, due to a temporary reduction in vaccine supply from the state, all appointments at county sites are filled through the next two weeks at least.

People who need to cancel an existing appointment or who received a first dose of vaccine through CCHS and need to make a second-dose appointment should call 1-833-829-2626.

When more appointments do become available, CCHS will continue to prioritize county residents who are 65 or older as well as eligible essential workers, particularly those who live or work in the local communities most heavily affected by the pandemic.

CCHS continues to move forward with a workplace-based outreach effort to immunize essential workers in high-risk jobs in the county’s hardest-hit communities, including food and agriculture workers. Workers at sites selected for the program will be contacted by their employers.

For more information about Contra Costa’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic including information about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and appointments, visit

NEW RESOURCES & PRINTABLE HANDOUTS – Posted on November 4th, 2020

CCHS Cleaning and Disinfecting handout image
CCHS Is it Cold, Flu or Coronavirus image
CCHS Wear Your Mask Correctly Image

Attention Subsidy Child Care Providers :

Effective April 1, 2020, the contractors must not impose or collect family fees for ELC services for the months of April through June 2020. The waiver of family fees for parents will not affect the amounts paid to providers, as contractors will reimburse providers for the full amount of the certificate or voucher without deducting family fees.


All Early Learning and Care Division Contractors (CSPP, CCTR, CMIG, CHAN, CAPP, C1AP, C2AP, C3AP, CMAP, CFCC)

For the months of April, May, and June 2020, all family fees are waived. Fees paid for March services, will not be credited or refunded.

Contractors must immediately suspend collecting any family fees as of April 1, 2020, for the remainder of this FY and must notify families and providers that the fees for April, May, and June have been waived.

Alternative Payment (AP) contractors that require providers to collect family fees directly, must direct providers to suspend collecting these fees. Contractors will reimburse providers fully, without deducting the amount assessed for family fees. Contractors will inform families that fee imposition and collection will be suspended through June 2020.

Important Parent and Provider Information from the California Department of Education Regarding Reimbursement to Subsidy Child Care Providers : 

Please note: These are temporary regulatory changes due to COVID-19. These updates are as of 3/19/2020.

Our payment department is working diligently to pay all providers. Providers will continue to be paid based on our regular payment schedule. Our payment department will follow up with additional correspondence to all providers with more information.


Attention Cocokids providers,

I know everyone has been patiently waiting for answers regarding childcare payments. Below you will find the memo that Cocokids has posted to our website, as well as attached to this email. Today the California Department of Education (CDE) implemented temporary regulatory changes due to COVID-19. We will notify you when these regulatory changes are lifted, and the payment process goes back to normal.

I would like to address the submission of attendance records. I encourage you to please submit attendance records as normal to any of our area offices, we have drop boxes and/or mail slots located at each site and will be checking them regularly. If you are unable to submit your attendance record to an area office, you will be allowed to do so electronically by email or fax to me directly. Please use the subject line ATTENDANCE RECORD as I have a lot of emails coming in at this time. Email: Fax: 925-265-6630

We will be processing payments in the order they are received while following our regular payment due dates, please reference the back of the attendance records for those dates.

I have blank attendance records available to be mailed to any provider effective immediately, please email me with your name and address along with the number of attendance records you will need. Please only use these during our office closure.

Cocokids will address any attendance sheets not submitted after all submitted attendance records have been processed, I do not have a timeline for this, but payments will be paid in the order they are received. The quickest way to receive payment is by submitting an attendance record by the 3rd of every month.

Please fill out the front of the attendance records as normal.

  • If you are closed please indicate CLOSURE DUE TO COVID-19 and you will be reimbursed up to 30 after your closure (not including your regular 10 non-operational days)
  • If the child not in care, please indicate OUT DUE TO COVID-19 and we can reimburse an unlimited amount of excused absence due to COVID-19
    – This pertains to illness or parent keeping child out of care for personal and/or professional reasons
  • If you are unable to obtain a parent signature, we will still issue payment
  • If the family you care for is due for recertification please continue to care for this child(ren), the Subsidy department has extended at recertifications 2 months, we do not want a disruption in childcare.
  • The Food Program is running uninterrupted at this time. Please check your email for updates and send any questions to
  • If you need someone to talk to please let me know, our Resource and Referral Department is reaching out to providers in our community to offer support. You can email Resource and Referral Manager Candy Duperroir
  • I will be checking my email often and will respond to any questions or concerns as soon as I can and in the order they are received.

On behalf of Cocokids we appreciate all you are doing for the children and families in our community. Please visit our website, we have many important resources and a wonderful team of employees that want to help you. If you have any questions not related to payments, please let me know and I will direct you to someone that can help you.

Thank you, Gina Azevedo Child Care Fund Payment manager

Provider Reimbursement:

Alternative Payment contractors (CocoKids) must reimburse providers that have closed and are not providing services for up to 30 days after closure. Providers reimbursed by AP programs, including CalWORKs Stages 1, 2, and 3 must be reimbursed using the most recent monthly attendance record or invoice, except where otherwise provided below:
Providers who are closed due to COVID-19 and are not able to submit their monthly attendance record or invoice shall be reimbursed based on the certified need/certificate. For families certified for a variable schedule, providers shall be reimbursed based on the maximum authorized hours of care. License-exempt providers shall also be reimbursed based on the maximum authorized hours of care.

Providers who are remaining open:

Providers shall submit attendance records or invoices in accordance with current reporting policies.
Providers may submit an invoice or attendance record without the parent signature if the parent is unavailable to sign due to COVID-19.
Regardless of attendance, providers shall be reimbursed based on the certified need/certificate.
For families certified for variable schedule, reimbursement shall be made for the maximum authorized hours of certified need.

For license-exempt providers reimbursement shall be made for the maximum authorized hours of certified need.

*Families who still need services, but whose usual provider is closed, can select an alternate provider that will be paid (their regular provider shall also be paid). If a parent needs to find an alternate provider please visit ‘Find Child Care’.



Atención Proveedores cocokids,

Sé que ha estado esperando pacientemente recibir respuestas con respecto a los pagos por el cuidado de niños. A continuación, encontrará la nota que CocoKids ha publicado en nuestro sitio web, y también se ha adjuntado a este correo electrónico. Hoy el Departamento de Educación de California (CDE) implementó cambios regulatorios temporales debido al COVID-19. Le notificaremos cuando se levanten estos cambios regulatorios y el proceso de pago vuelva a la normalidad.

Me gustaría aclarar el proceso para someter los registros de asistencia. Le animo a que envíe los registros de asistencia como de costumbre a cualquiera de nuestras oficinas de área, tenemos buzones y/o ranuras de correo ubicadas en cada sitio y los revisaremos regularmente. Si no puede enviar su registro de asistencia a una oficina de área, se le permitirá hacerlo por correo electrónico o fax a mí directamente. Por favor, escriba ATTENDANCE RECORD en la línea de asunto de su email, ya que tengo una gran cantidad de correos electrónicos dirigidos a mí en este momento.
• Correo electrónico:
• Fax: 925-265-6630

Procesaremos los pagos en el orden en que se reciban y seguiremos nuestras fechas de vencimiento de pago regulares; consulte el reverso de los registros de asistencia para esas fechas.

Tengo registros de asistencia en blanco disponibles para ser enviados por correo a cualquier proveedor inmediatamente, por favor envíeme un correo electrónico con su nombre y dirección junto con el número de registros de asistencia que necesitará. Por favor, utilice estos sólo durante el cierre de nuestra oficina. 

CocoKids revisará las hojas de asistencia no enviadas después de que se hayan procesado todos los registros de asistencia enviados; no tengo un cronograma para esto, pero los pagos se procesarán en el orden en que se reciban. La forma más rápida de recibir el pago es enviando sus registros de asistencia antes del 3 de cada mes.

Por favor, complete el frente de los registros de asistencia con normalidad.

  • Si su programa está cerrado, indique CLOSURE DUE TO COVID-19 y se le reembolsará hasta 30 después de su cierre (sin incluir sus 10 días regulares no operativos).
    Si el niño no está bajo su cuidado, por favor indique OUT DUE A COVID-19 y podemos reembolsar una cantidad ilimitada de ausencias justificadas debido al COVID-19.
  • *Esto se refiere a alguna enfermedad o a que los padres mantienen al niño fuera del cuidado por razones personales y/o profesionales.
  • Si no puede obtener una firma de padre, de todas formas, procesaremos el pago.
  • Si la familia que usted cuida debe ser recertificada, por favor continúe cuidando a este(s) niño(s), el departamento de Subsidio ha extendido las recertificaciones a 2 meses, ya que no queremos una interrupción en el cuidado de los niños.
  • El Programa de Comidas se está operando sin ininterrupciones en este momento. Por favor, revise su correo electrónico para recibir noticias y actualizaciones, y envíe cualquier pregunta a
  • Si necesita hablar con alguien, por favor hágamelo saber, nuestro Departamento de Recursos y Referencias está contactando a los proveedores de nuestra comunidad para ofrecer apoyo. Envíe un correo electrónico a Candy Duperroir, la gerente del Departamento de Recursos y Referencias, a

*Por favor, lea la nota a continuación para obtener más información importante. Estaré revisando mi correo electrónico frecuentemente y responderé a cualquier pregunta o inquietud tan pronto como pueda y en el orden en que las reciba.

En nombre de CocoKids apreciamos todo lo que está haciendo por los niños y las familias de nuestra comunidad. Visite nuestro sitio web, donde encontrará muchos recursos importantes y un maravilloso equipo de empleados que quieren ayudarle. Si tiene alguna pregunta no relacionada con los pagos, por favor hágamelo saber y le dirigiré a alguien que pueda ayudarle.

Gracias, Gina Azevedo, Gerente de Pagos del CCF


*Información importante del Departamento de Educación de California con respecto al reembolso a los proveedores de cuidado infantil para padres y proveedores.
Tenga en cuenta: Estos son cambios regulatorios temporales debido al COVID-19. Estas actualizaciones son efectivas a partir del 3/19/2020.

Nuestro departamento de Pagos está trabajando diligentemente para pagarle a todos los proveedores. Los proveedores seguirán recibiendo sus pagos en base a nuestro calendario de pagos regular. Nuestro Departamento de Pagos hará un seguimiento con correspondencia adicional a todos los proveedores para más información.

Reembolso al proveedor:
Los contratistas de pagos alternativos (CocoKids) deben reembolsar a los proveedores que han cerrado y no están proporcionando servicios hasta 30 días después del cierre. Los proveedores reembolsados por los programas de AP, incluyendo CalWORKs Etapas 1, 2, y 3 deben ser reembolsados usando el registro de asistencia o factura mensual más reciente, excepto cuando se indique lo contrario a continuación:

Los proveedores que estén cerrados debido a COVID-19 y no puedan presentar su expediente de asistencia o factura mensual serán reembolsados en base a la necesidad certificada/certificado. Para las familias certificadas para un horario variable, los proveedores serán reembolsados basándose en las horas de cuidado máximas autorizadas. Los proveedores exentos de licencia también serán reembolsados basándose en las horas de cuidado máximas autorizadas.

Proveedores que permanecerán abiertos:
Los proveedores deberán presentar registros o facturas de asistencia de acuerdo con las políticas vigentes. Los proveedores pueden enviar una factura o registro de asistencia sin la firma del padre o madre, si él o ella no está disponible para firmar debido al COVID-19.

Independientemente de la asistencia, los proveedores serán reembolsados en base a la necesidad certificada/certificado.

Para las familias certificadas para horarios variables, se realizará el reembolso basándose en las horas de cuidado máximas autorizadas. 

Para los proveedores exentos de licencia
el reembolso se efectuará por las horas máximas autorizadas de necesidad certificada.

*Las familias que todavía necesitan servicios, pero cuyo proveedor habitual está cerrado, pueden seleccionar un proveedor alternativo que será pagado (su proveedor regular también será pagado). Si un padre necesita encontrar un proveedor alternativo, visite nuestro sitio web en: y haga clic en “Buscar cuidado infantil”





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