Session 1

9:15 – 10:45 am

Session 2

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Session 1

9:15 – 10:45 am

Ellen Veselack

Preschool Program Director, Research Director, Associate Director for the Outdoor Classroom Project

Child Education Center

The Outdoor Classroom: A Place of Wonder, Joy and Learning

There has never been a more important time for the Outdoor Classroom than now. This session will help participants understand the important of Outdoor Classrooms, how children benefit from spending time in well-designed, natural outdoor environments and steps they can take to enhance their own outdoor spaces. We hope participants make a paradigm shift from thinking of their outdoor spaces as playgrounds, to valuing their spaces as Outdoor Classrooms.

**Translated in Spanish – Traducido en Español**

Amanda Campbell

Clinical Director

Early Childhood Mental Health Program

Healing Classrooms: Trauma Responsive Strategies to Working with Young Children

Facilitators will describe basic brain science and identify different ways that staff and children respond when reacting to traumatic triggers in a school environment. Facilitators will introduce a conceptual framework for responding to trauma.

This is How We Play: Our Inclusive Approach to Open Ended Play

So you love facilitating open ended play and understand the benefits, but are you aware of how it can support inclusion? Pokuda is dedicated to supporting whole child learning and an anti-racist and conscious community. In this workshop, we hope to share ways you can set up your environment for collaborative play while understanding the positive impact of including diverse materials, appropriate language, and reflective teaching strategies to support young learners and families.

Amber Powell



Cheryl Okuda



Jamaica Stevens

Founder, CEO and Published Author


Music & Movement through the Seasons

Learn simple ways to integrate music and movement into your daily curriculum in this hands-on workshop! Explore simple ways to use music and movement to build vocabulary, spark creativity and foster imaginative play throughout the year. Develop a skill set to think outside the box when creating curriculum for your students that allows for creativity!

Session 2

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Rachel O’Neal

Child Health and Nutrition Specialist

CocoKids Child Health and Nutrition Program

Raising Healthy and Courageous Eaters

Join the CocoKids Nutrition Program to learn about helping our littlest learners gain important lifelong healthy eating habits. We will discuss how the Division of Responsibility can be a wonderful tool for both caregivers and children. Attendees will learn how to better understand and help choosy eaters, tips for more mindful eating, incorporating more plant-based diets and how to decode nutrition facts labels. You are sure to learn something new that will help you and the ones you care for!

Michele Bailey

Early Childhood Educator

Old Firehouse School

The Science of Connection: How Attachment Theory Impacts Your Classroom

This workshop explores the ways that children and adults connect with each other and how those relationships manifest in the classroom. We will outline the attachment styles, view attachment theory in the context of project work, and discuss the ways that ongoing attachment can help manage challenging behaviors in the classroom.

Shiva Behrouzi

Parent Educator

Bay Area Infant Toddler Network

Kristen Ring

Early Childhood Consultant

Bay Area Infant Toddler Network

Babies on the Move: Natural Gross Motor Development

We invite you to learn about natural gross motor development and how you can foster natural gross motor development in infants. You’ll learn about all the benefits and impact it has on their brain.

Sara Rizik-Baer

Literary Specialist

Rizik-Baer Education Consulting

Learning Letters Through Play

Research tells us that knowing the sounds and names of letters is a strong predictor of literacy success later on. However, many of our students still arrive to Kindergarten without this important foundational skill. In this workshop, participants will learn physically engaging games that teach the names and sounds of letters to students of all levels. These games can be played in the classroom or on the playground and are so effective and fun, students will be begging to play them every day. Join this workshop to learn how to integrate these games into your weekly schedule and turn your class into a room of alphabet experts!

Juan Huerta Villicana

Assistant Professor

Diablo Valley College

Inclusión y Diversidad

Tomar el primer paso hacia la inclusión y diversidad en nuestros salones puede ser intimídante. Pero es mucho más simple de lo que parece. Únete a la conversación para definir que es la diversidad y como se ve la inclusión de niños/as y sus familias en nuestros salones. Compartiremos simples actividades y herramientas que te darán confianza para crear un entorno inclusivo y diverso.

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